Beluga Whale Defies Biology, Learns To Speak Dolphin To Make Friends

Animals are really kind of mind-blowing– especially the over 1 million known species beneath the sea. One beluga whale just proved this notion even more correct by defying biological odds and learning to speak dolphin.

I know, I know, 'how the did a beluga whale manage this?'According to researchers at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, the answer lies in the animal's need for socialization and survival. 

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The unnamed beluga was relocated to Crimea’s Dolphinarium Koktebel in 2013– dolphin research center in Koktobel, a popular South Eastern Crimea city. Here, she was the only whale in the region. In order to adapt to her distant cousins, the beluga whale began whistling in the bottlenose dolphin's language.

Two months after being relocated, researches even found she dropped her own beluga “speech patterns” in exchange of communicating with the dolphin population. Still, scientists have yet to verify is  the beluga actually understands what she is chirping, or if she's simply mimicking their sounds. Either way it's kind of impressive and clearly shows this whale has more willpower than most adult humans to make friends.