Aldi Launched Its Own Vegan Ice Cream To Compete With Ben & Jerry's

More and more supermarkets are catching on to the fact that shoppers are keen to try a greater range of inclusive; this mean, being ready to serve vegan customers and the likes. 

Now, Aldi is going up against ice cream makers such as Ben & Jerry's by releasing its very own flavors of vegan ice-cream.

(Image: Aldi)

Ben & Jerry's released 3 flavors earlier this year and this comes along with companies like McDonald's and Baileys releasing products for vegan customers as well.  

Aldi has a fairly solid reputation for making great affordable booze, from their award-winning gins to their cheap as chips rosè. Now, can the talents translate this success into vegan-friendly ice cream?

Already Aldi's equivalent is winning on the price, at about $3 a tub compared to Ben & Jerry's $7. What about the flavors you say? Well currently the supermarket offers a Chocolate Coconut Cream and a regular Coconut flavor. 

The new addition has been in shops in the UK and the US and so far ice cream fans seem to be impressed, sending out a PSA over Twitter to those who've yet to try it.