Action Bronson Is Launching His Own Limited Edition Wine

"You don't understand how I feel right now. My first natural wine verrrrrrrrrry limited to 2000 bottles forever," reads Action Bronson's enthusiastic caption presenting his new wine on Instagram.

As a gourmet, lover of all things decadent, and frequenter of the best restaurants in the world, the presenter on Vice's Fuck That’s Delicious is now trying his hand at wine making.

And of course, he's chosen Paris as the birthplace of his first vintage. According to Clique magazinehe's been hanging out at Parisian parties with winemakers and promoters of natural wines for some time now.

His wine is all natural, which means it is made without any chemicals at any stage in the process. From cultivating the grapes to harvest and fermentation, there are no additives whatsoever.

The limited edition bottles were created in collaboration with Patrick Bouju, a winemaker from the Auvergne region in France. 

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As you might expect, Action Bronson plans to celebrate the new wine properly with delicious food and a party. The celebration will take place on Saturday, June 17 in Parisian restaurants Faggio and Pacchio in the presence of several chefs.

The party is organized by Parisian culinary scenester Julien Pham. There will be a tasting menu at Faggio for 30 euros (about 34 dollars) and at Pacchio, they'll have kebabs, pizzas and oysters, all served with Action Bronson's delicious wine.

In the meantime, the New York rapper is enjoying himself cooking up turbot in the kitchen of one of Paris' best restaurants: Le Septime.

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