Florida Family Wakes Up To 15 Pounds Of Sausage Falling On Their Roof

On Saturday, July 15 at 4:00 AM in Deerfield Beach, Florida, something quite unexpected happened. A Florida family was sleeping peacefully in their home when a sound like thunder jolted them awake.

The next morning, they discovered what had caused the loud noise. Fifteen pounds of frozen Italian sausages had fallen from the sky in the middle of the night.


Speaking with local television station WPLG, the Adair family said they have no idea where the mysterious delivery could have come from. The mother of the family thought perhaps the sausages had fallen from a plane, or that it had something to do with a drug deal.

After contacting the company whose name appeared on the package, the plot only thickened. It turns out the package was supposed to be delivered over 170 miles away from the Adair family home.

Whether the sausages fell from a plane, got zapped by Rick & Morty's teleport gun, or were simply thrown onto the roof (by catapult?) as a prank, we will probably never know. 

The saddest part of the story? The delicious cargo was ruined in transit and ended up in the trash rather than on the grill.

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