This 10-Year-Old Drag Queen Is A Pint-Sized Icon On The Rise

Desmond Napoles a.k.a Desmond Is Amazing is a burgeoning drag icon on the rise. At just 10-years-old, the NYC-native is already proving himself to be an authentic, true-to-self trendsetter embracing his fabulous and flawless queer identity.

Desmond stumbled into the world of drag by no accident, some could say drag found him. He's been exploring the universe of glam since the ripe age of two, back when he's get his mom's towels, wrap them around his head and "clomp in her big heels around the house." 

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Desmond first found the limelight after a video of him voguing during New York's 2015 Gay Pride Parade went viral. In the short years since, the preteen has become somewhat of a queer icon, illustrating what it means to be ones self, unabashed and unashamed. 

Most recently, Desmond was invited to cut the ribbon at this year's NYC DragCon in October alongside LGBTQ and drag icon RuPaul. "We are the promise of America's future," Ru said, holding Desmond's hand in his as the pint-sized queen rocked a show-stopping, hot pink ensemble with Ru's face emblazoned on the front. 

As a young innovator in tomorrow's world of drag, Desmond's voice is pronounced. As a face of LGBTQ realness in youth, he stands out even more, holding striking opinions and realizations about his identity that leave no room for argumentation. 

Desmond's mother, Wendylou, is a staunch supporter of her son as well. On the topic of his queer identity at such a young age, she tells Out:

"On Instagram there’s a lot of younger followers and we get messages that he’s really inspiring to them.

We get messages from people in Colombia, saying, we’re not allowed to be outwardly [in] drag or gay and it means a lot to see somebody that is. 

In addition to supporting her son in his quest towards fabulousness and authenticity, Wendylou further secures a safe space in the world for her son by creating an anti-bullying policy with Desmond and his peers.

If ugly remarks are made, Desmond tells his mother and she promptly makes a call to the child's parents, leaving no room for hate to linger or bring Desmond's spirits down.

Learning from the love he is surrounded by daily – from his parents and the larger queer community as a whole – Desmond expresses this message to individuals that find themselves in the same pumps as him:

"If your parents say, Oh, gay is bad or it’s a sin, pay them no mind and say, If you don’t like me, I’m gonna leave. If you have a center in your city, they have lots of programs that help you.

And if you feel suicidal, don’t commit because there is always love in the world. There are a lot of people like you and my motto is, Be yourself always."