Iconic Film Camera Maker Yashica Teases An 'Unprecedented' Comeback

We've got more good news for old-school photography lovers – with Polaroid releasing a brand new instant camera for its 80th anniversary, the iconic Japanese film camera manufacturer Yashica announced it is returning to the market with an "unprecedented camera" that's still very much wrapped in mystery.

Teasing the news with a vague but intriguing slogan 'Expect the Unexpected,' the camera brand is planning to crowdfund its newest creation by launching a Kickstarter campaign this October.

Yashica has also released two artsy videos that, unfortunately, don't tell us much more about the upcoming camera. In fact, the first one (The Silence of Story) has caused more confusion because it showcased one of the brand's old products, the clip-on smartphone lens. 

The second video, titled The Prologue, has solidified the claim that Yashica is indeed coming back with a new camera, not just a lens. However, it is still unclear whether this will be a new version of their famous analog camera, or maybe a venture into the digital camera realm.

Follow Yashica's website for updates on their anticipated release.