Discover Winner Of 'World's Best Self Portrait' At 2017 American Art Awards

Every year for the American Art Awards, 25 best galleries in the country vote on 50 different categories – from fashion to portraiture – for art submitted from all around the world. This year, for the World's Best Self Portrait category, the winner was none other than Nigerian hyperrealistic artist, Arinze Stanley, coming out on top against USA's Mano Sotelo, Sweden's Susanne Persson, Taiwan's Lynn Chen and more.

Arinze Stanley's winning self-portrait (Photo: Harinzeyart/Instagram)

Arinze Stanley is popular for using only charcoal and graphite pencils to create portraits so realistic, you'll have a hard time believing they aren't photographs. His first big break came when his impressive drawing of president Muhammadu Buhari went viral. Speaking with Nigerian blogger Ruqayya Ahmad, Arinze said about his massive success:

"I won't consider myself successful just yet, because everyday I draw is a journey for me. I see my art as a competition between me and myself. So hopefully I'll just keep practicing as I always do to get better at what I do."

You can check out the rest of Arinze's work on his Instagram.

(Photo: Harinzeyart/Instagram)

(Photo: Harinzeyart/Instagram)

(Photo: Harinzeyart/Instagram)