Exploring Female Consciousness Through Intimate Self-Portraits Shot On Film

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In the increasingly feminist world, young women are constantly told they need to be these independent, self-sufficient, free-thinking boss ladies who dance to the beat of their own drum. But as the old saying goes, no man is an island, so why should a woman be?

With that notion in mind, two talented ladies from Montreal, Canada, launched The Womanhood Project – an ongoing editorial and photography project aiming to explore all the "different aspects and complex issues related to womanhood."


(Photo: The Womanhood Project)


(Photo: The Womanhood Project)


(Photo: The Womanhood Project)

The Womanhood Project was originally dreamed of by Algeria-born, Montreal-based photographer Sara Hini. While working and traveling abroad, Hini fell in love with photography and taught herself the skills needed to take amazing pictures. Upon returning to Canada, she wanted to continue her visual explorations:

"When I came back to Montreal I knew I needed something creative to challenge me and I co-founded AYE MAG with a really good friend of mine. We wanted a platform to promote emerging artists in Montreal and show the kind of content we were craving to see."

But Hini's fascination with photography resurfaced something else – the realization that we still live in a highly prejudiced society where taboos are an everyday thing, especially when it comes to women's issues. The young photographer wanted to challenge the status quo but needed an accomplice first. Sara tells Konbini:

"I really wanted to do this project in collaboration with someone but never found the right person. I wanted someone who had a certain sensibility...

I also felt the need to meet more women and see how they were going through life dealing with those taboos and misconceptions. I wanted to share more personal stories – no judgment, no objectification. Just the story as it is."

It all came together when Sara met photographer Cassandra Cacheiro.


(Photo: The Womanhood Project)


(Photo: The Womanhood Project)

The ladies immediately struck a partnership and started working on the launch of The Womanhood Project that now lives on Hini's co-founded AYE MAG.

Each week, they share one original interview accompanied by a series of intimate portraits taken exclusively on film. According to the founders, the project "aims to give [women] a safe space to share their own reflection on the deep and beautiful subject that is womanhood."

"All kinds of women opened up on their realities and talked about gender, motherhood, abuse, mental health, rape, abortion, menstruation, cancer, body hair and much more.

Each of them were photographed in their own environment depicting who they really are in the most personal and natural way possible."

Check out more photos from The Womanhood Project below and be sure to visit this website where you'll find all the stories published to date.


(Photo: The Womanhood Project)


(Photo: The Womanhood Project)


(Photo: The Womanhood Project)


(Photo: The Womanhood Project)


(Photo: The Womanhood Project)

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