Afriartistry Wants To Bring African Art To The Rest Of The World

While some African artists are lucky enough to get paid exactly what they're worth – just this month Njideka Akunyili Crosby sold a piece for over $1 million – other artists aren't usually as lucky (honestly, the people that are buying art for $1 million do they have two heads?)

To help, Vera Maranzu created Afriartistry, a platform that connects remarkable art by talented African artists with a worldwide audience.

Speaking about what inspired her to create this platform, Maranzu said:

"My appreciation for the uniqueness and creativity of African artists grew immensely from my trips to African art expos.

These artists create art on a level that appeals to everyone – and that is the biggest motivation for this platform: to display these treasures to a global audience."

Since their launch late last month, Afriartistry has already gotten over 20 African artists featuring and selling their work on the platform and they are only just getting started.

Maranzu wants the platform to be the biggest medium for discovering and accessing the remarkable art and raw talent from Africa. Each order also benefits a charity from the country of the highest selling African artist every month; art with a cause.


(Photo: Afriartistry)


(Photo: Afriartistry)

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