Trump’s Head May Be Carved Onto A Melting Glacier To Raise Climate Change Awareness

Last year, Trump withdrew from the Paris climate agreement. He also joked about his head being carved onto Mount Rushmore, next to ex-presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Yep, you heard that right.

And it seems like now his wish is about to come true, except that instead of being carved into the rock face among other heads of State who marked their era, his head might instead appear on a rapidly melting glacier (just so we can watch him drown) completely isolated from the world, somewhere in the Arctic Ocean.

(Image: Project Trumpmore)

To raise awareness of climate change and to prove to the climate skeptic president that our glaciers really are melting, the Finnish activist group Melting Ice is looking for funding to enable them to embark on this ambitious, politically engaged project.

The goal: using several blocks of ice, the association wants to create a 35 metre-high sculpture of Donald Trump’s head, on a glacier in the Arctic which we will gradually see melt as a result of global warming. While the initiative may seem paradoxical at first – altering nature to condemn the harm we are doing to it −, it should put an end to the debate on whether or not the ice caps are melting. Nicolas Prieto, the president of Melting Ice, speaks from the site of the project:

"We believe that its intangible dimension means that global warming lacks a concrete symbol, a symbol which would prove its existence or not. This is what we’re trying to create: a scientific art project.”

As It's Nice That reports, if the project goes ahead and Mount Trumpmore (a reference to Mount Rushmore) sees the light of day, this ice monument will match the size of the presidents on Mount Rushmore and will officially become the largest ice sculpture in the world. In the meantime, Melting Ice still needs 400,000 euros, to find the exact site to create the sculpture and a month of work once the financial goal has been met. The revolution may take a while longer…

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