This Former KGB Spy Camera Is A Real Jewel

We already know it’s possible to transform all kinds of different objects into cameras. After discovering the potato camera, the Lego camera and the truck converted into a camera, now it’s a gold ring which allows real photos to be taken.

(Image: eBay)

Indeed, the website The Phoblographer discovered a ‘camera ring’ –  a spying device produced by the KGB, the Soviet intelligence agency – on eBay, which was auctioned for almost $20,000 (£14,000).

While spy rings are commonly used by the secret services, this camera ring is particularly striking due to its beauty.

Made from 14-carat solid gold, the ring weighs around 44 grams and is decorated with fine engravings. The camera part of the ring features a variable opening, a guillotine shutter and a film holder able to accept 8mm rolls of film.

Skillfully positioned, the lens resembles a precious stone in the centre of the jewel, enhancing the discretion of the item. In the original advert on eBay, the seller stated that the lens is in perfect condition: it is neither scratched, discoloured nor blurred, and the opening functions correctly.

According to the Los Angeles Times, only two cameras of this kind exist in the world, with the other selling at Christie’s auction house for $22,400 (£15,000). That’s enough to put most people off, despite the beauty of the ring. 

(Image: eBay)

(Image: eBay)