These Two Brothers Are Cycling From Tijuana To Vancouver

Jose Igancio and Esteban Riva Palacio, 18 and 21 years old respectively, are two brothers about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Beginning at the north-west coast of Mexico they will cross the entire length of the United States to end up in Vancouver, Canada and that on the power of their own two legs.


(Photo: Mexicanus/Facebook)

Covering about 110 to 120km a day and stopping in natural parks and protected areas to rest and sleep, the route should take approximately 28 days. This is a map of their projected course:


(Photo: Mexicanus/Facebook)

The cycling duo who call themselves Mexicanus set out with the mission to inspire amateur sport, eco-tourism and photography. They want to challenge the negative stereotypes that deem millennials "apathetic" and ''superficial":

"We're making this journey with the aim of showing that technology can be compatible with the minimalism of a cycling trip, we want to make it clear that the way in which millennials are portrayed is not how we really are.

We want to fill their Facebook feed with natural landscapes and inform them of our adventure on Instagram Stories".

Besides the personal motives behind this soul searching journey, the brothers hope to inspire people from their generation to break away from their daily routines and make a change in their lives. Track their progress on their Facebook.


(Photo: Mexicanus/ Facebook)

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