Street Artist Lor-K Transforms Abandoned Mattresses Into Giant Food Sculptures

In one corner we have the street, home to all manner of unwanted objects. In the other corner, we have the imagination and talent of French street artist Lor-K, who is on a mission to give fresh life to the dumping grounds that are our pavements.

Taking abandoned mattresses from all over the city, the Paris-based artist set about creating giant food sculptures out of the discarded items. And from pizza to waffles, sushi to sandwiches, she's cooked up quite a menu. Shared by French arts publication La Boîte Verte Lor-K's work is ready for you to gobble up right here:

© Lor-K

(Photo: Lor-K)


(Photo: Lor-K)


(Photo: Lor-K)


(Photo: Lor-K)


(Photo: Lor-K)


(Photo: Lor-K)

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