Photographer Captures People Accidentally Matching The Artwork In Museums


When Stefan Draschan sets foot in a museum with his camera in hand, it's not to capture what's going on inside the frame, but rather what's going on around it. 

Since 2015, the Austrian photographer has been busily exploring the museums and galleries of Paris, Berlin and Vienna on the hunt for the perfect match between paintings and the people observing them. Gathering his work together in a series entitled People Matching Artworks, the results are pretty great.

"Previously, I was bothered by people in front of artworks, as I couldn’t see (the art)," the 38-year-old explained to the New York Daily News. "But now that is different."

At first glance, Stefan's photos all look meticulously set up. In reality, however, the snaps are the result of sheer coincident – and a shit load of patience. For hours, the photographer watches the comings and goings of visitors, waiting for their hair color, clothes or pose to correspond with what's going on in the painting before them. 

No stranger to museums before starting People Matching Artworks, Stefan also used his favorite terrain to capture the series' People Sleeping in Museums, People Touching Artworks and The Three Graces. You can check out his work below and on Instagram and Tumblr.