Architect Studio Imagines A Wu-Tang Clan-Inspired Villa In Japan

Visiting Japan should already be on everyone's bucket lists what with the incredible mix of ancient and modern culture, upcoming Tokyo Olympics and the world's first spa-musement park! But soon there might be one more reason – and a big one – to visit the cherry blossoming country.

A Brooklyn-based architecture and design collective squirtstudio created a concept retreat inspired by the iconic hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan and fittingly named the Wu Villa.


(Image: squirtstudio/designboom)


(Image: squirtstudio/designboom)

Envisioned to sit atop rice fields, the villa would be dedicated to studying music composition and art of combat. Its shape derives from the band's logo – the Batman-ish W proven to be quite the typographic masterpiece.

According to designboom, "the retreat is composed of traditional rooms: genkan (entry), ima (living room), daidokoro (kitchen) and yokushitsu (bathroom). It would also feature a recording studio where visitors could bring their biggest creative ideas to life. After a day of producing tunes, you'd be encouraged to seek inner piece by swinging a katana sword or simply playing chess...

Despite still in a concept mode, this villa sounds like an awesome not just for Wu-Tang lovers, but anyone seeking refuge from the noise of the modern world.


(Image: squirtstudio/designboom)


(Image: squirtstudio/designboom)


(Image: squirtstudio/designboom)

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