This Photographer's Captioned Images Are Painfully Relatable

Photographer Sarah Bahbah's talent for raw-storytelling has caused her images to become crazy popular across the length and breadth of the internet. But, as the artist admits in her Instagram bio: "You've probably seen my art on someone else's account."

Exploring the "internal voices of young females," Bahbah's work has struck a chord with millions across the globe, making it no great surprise that her account is now one of the most shared on the social network.

First picking up the camera as a teen, Bahbah soon came to realize that she had plenty to say to the world, giving her instincts free rein to guide her creative process. 

Now working with the likes of Topshop, Moncler, Vogue, Capitol Records, and photographing personalities like Dylan Sprouse and Cindy Kimberly, the 25-year-old is a fully fledged pop culture influencer. Her latest series, For Arabella, is made up of intimate portraits, each accompanied by captions that positively ooze sarcasm and dry wit. 

While each of the images looks like something out of a vintage movie reel, the photos are actually inspired by Bahbah '90s upbringing. Hoping to encourage women to find "freedom in self-love," the snaps leave plenty of room for personal interpretation. As Sarah explains:

"As women, we need to feel ownership over our indulgences, our pleasures, and teaching others how to please us. We need greater indulgence in our words, indulgence in our bodies, and what do with them [...]

Arabella [the name of the series] is the voice for all women who are too afraid to speak on consequential subjects. She is a reminder that we have the power to say what we are feeling without self-censorship."

Using her work to strike down taboos and empower women to live in the moment, the series is liberated, indulgent and the epitome of modern feminism. You can check out some of Sarah Bahbah's work below and catch more on her website and Instagram.

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