Visual Interview: Enter The Weird World Of Cat Connoisseur, Princess Cheeto

Hey! Welcome to visual interviews – an ongoing Konbini series where we get to know incredible artists through text-less Q&A's. Because what better way to acquaint someone than by looking at their strange visual musings, amiright?

This time, we meet Princess Cheeto (@princesscheeto) an artist celebrating muse and cosmopolitan cat, Cheeto who travels the world in pops of color and creative costumes.

Ever adorable and certain to brighten your mood, following Cheeto is likely to be the most uplifting thing you do today. Get familiar:

Who are you? 

How are you feeling today?

What's your favorite food?

When the humans are away, Cheeto is...

If humans don't feed you, revenge is... 

The secret everyone wants to know about you...

Are you a muse or an artist?

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

If cats took over the world...

Favorite color?

What is love according to you? 

You have one photo to put in a time capsule - which one do you choose?

Keep up with Princess Cheeto's life and adventures on Instagram.