Pennywise And The Babadook Are The Ultimate Queer Horror Power-Couple

Since it's release in cinemas last week, fans have been celebrating the success of It.  Andy Muschietti's adaptation of Stephen King's horror classic was both nostalgic, scary and funny thanks to some great casting. 

Now the internet has decided that Pennywise, the clown, could be the bae that newfound gay icon the Babadook has been looking for. 

The Babadook took on new cultural significance after he was adopted by the LGBTQ community due to a Netflix categorizing flub, and now people are loving the idea of Pennywise being gay and dating the Babadook. 

Since the idea took hold, fans have been trying to agree on the pair's couple name and planning out what their first feature film together could be about. 

We're voting for their couple name to be Babawise. 

It is out in cinemas now.