People Are Getting Their Dogs' Paw Prints Tattooed, And It's Adorable

We saw it with botanical tattoos, in which the silhouettes of plants and flowers serve as stencils for the design, but the style takes a new and intimate meaning with paw print tattoos, which see pet owners inking their dogs' or cats' paw prints on their skin.

Seen here and there on social media, the paw print tattoos peaked our interest after seeing tattoo artist Jackie Adamski's, owner of Wildflower Tattoo, Instagram post of an awesome watercolor tat she did on her sister.

The design features a paw print of Adamski's sister's dog Skunky. Jackie explains in the caption: 

"This piece is very near and dear to my heart!! Replicated our sweetheart doggie Skunky's #watercolor #pawprint on my sister Jessie yesterday!

Skunky, you are a true artist! Thanks for putting up with almost 200 paw prints before we got that perfect one! "

Check out some more examples below. Do you think this could be a new tattoo trend brewing?