Obama Turned Up For Jury Duty In Chicago And People Are Shook


While Donald Trump is overseas making a fool of himself, Barack Obama is managing to make jury duty look cool af. 

Yep, the former President showed up for jury duty, but by the look of the crowds gathered at the Daley Center municipal building in Chicago, you'd think they were waiting for a concert. 

According to CNNPolitics, Obama showed up for service but was "randomly selected for dismissal and was told his services were not required by Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evan."

For those who were also undertaking jury duty, or just waiting in the civic building, it was a chance to meet the former President. 

While he may no longer be in the Oval Office, Mr. Obama has remained vocal about gun control: his message about the violence and unrest in Charlottesville broke Twitter records

Communications director Katie Hill said in a statement that Mr. Obama:

"believes the most important office in our democracy is that of citizen, and he considers jury duty a core obligation of citizenship".