People Are Sticking False Eyelashes Up Their Noses, Call It A 'Beauty Trend'

Proving once again that beauty is in the eye (or rather, the nose) of the beholder, there's a weird new trend in town. As Allure reports, people are now sticking false eyelashes up their noses as nose hair extensions and posting the results for all of Instagram to see. 

Kicked off by Gret_Chen_Chen, the bizarre fashion, exploring an as yet little-explored region in the beauty community, seems to be making a mark on social media.

Whether it's avant-garde or just plain gross, we'll let you decide but it does touch on the ever-divisive topic of women being allowed to do whatever the hell they like with their own body hair (even if it involves not being able to sneeze/inhale too sharply, etc.). Still, we can't help but feel it's just a waste of good falsies... Check it out in photo form below: