This Multi-Functional Bed Is So Sick, It Will Put An End To Your Social Life

If you could choose between never having to get up from your bed or running around frantically like you are most of the time, which would you go for? If your answer is 'never get up again,' this story is perfect for you. Unearthed by some Reddit users, this multi-functional bed has everything a couch potato could dream of, all within an arm's reach.

(Photo: SG Shop)

Combining relaxation, handy gadgets and slick aesthetics, this piece of furniture features built-in speakers that connect to any device, a custom massage chair, a work station with a flexible desk, power outlets to charge all your devices, and a whole lot of storage.

The bed has a safe, side shelves to place books or decorations and a flippable mattress that hides a secret storage spot perfect for linens and shoes. The greatest part of it all is you can fully customize the bed adding or removing any of these features.

According to My Modern Met, this bed is being sold by a group of Asian online shops such as SG Shop, Siam Trend Shop and English TaoBao, and it does ship overseas. The price ranges from $550 to $1000, depending on how you build the bed, the mattress you choose and the gadgets you decide to include.

The tricky part now is to figure out how to install a toilet in it...

(Photo: Siam Trend Shop)

(Photo: Siam Trend Shop)

(Photo: Siam Trend Shop)