Meet Hawkeye Huey, The Four Year Old Instagram Analog Photographer

What were you doing when you were four years old? For most of us, our early childhoods are a messy amalgamation of blurred memories and periodically wetting ourselves.

For four year old Hawkeye Huey however, the son of a renowned National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey, four years old is not too young to launch a photographic career of his own.


The little man has traversed large parts of the U.S with his father using an analog Fujifilm Instax 210 to candidly snap images at his signature low level perspective. As if this wasn't enough, he then uploads the resultant pictures to his Instagram account where he has amassed some 60,000 followers.

In a recent interview with PetaPixel photography, the four year old, who is surprisingly articulate for his age, explained that his hobby was originally born our of searching for a way to spend quality time with his father:

Our first with cameras, into the desert, was not about photography, it was about connecting as a father and son. Photographing people in this way opens him up to a lifetime of communicating with people who are different than him.

Jack, the man who lives in the water tank. Photo by @hawkeyehuey

Una foto publicada por Hawkeye Huey (@hawkeyehuey) el


For Huey's father, photography is one way of "shattering" his son's comfort zone. He wants the young boy to be reminded every day that there are "infinite worlds to explore" and wants him to come into contact with as many different types of people and places as is possible. In the same interview he discussed Hawkeye's first shooting experience in a place called Slab City:

...a kind of squatters camp in Southern California... a rugged place and made for great portraits. We hung out with “circus kids” and vagabonds. Travelers of all kinds. It was great for Hawkeye to meet these people and see another way of living.

Girl and dog at #SlabCityRebelCircus photo by @hawkeyehuey

Una foto publicada por Hawkeye Huey (@hawkeyehuey) el


National anthem/flag lap, #CodyNiteRodeo photo by @hawkeyehuey

Una foto publicada por Hawkeye Huey (@hawkeyehuey) el



"Lady at a Swap Meet" Niland, California. photo by @hawkeyehuey

Una foto publicada por Hawkeye Huey (@hawkeyehuey) el


Drew, #SlabCity RebelCircus

Una foto publicada por Hawkeye Huey (@hawkeyehuey) el

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