Masters Of Ink: Tap Into The Psyche With Martyna Popiel's Gradient Tattoos

Masters of Ink is a Konbini original introducing you to a whole spectrum of tattoo artists from all over the world. Custom designers specializing in every style from modern dotwork to traditional Americana tattoos – tune in for something new every week!

Splitting her time between Katowice, Poland and Dundee, Scotland, Martyna Popiel is a tattoo artist and illustrator with dreams and surrealism making up her colorful universe.

In a way, her work emulates Polish contemporary artist Aleksandra Waliszewska, known for hallucinatory, genre-bending movie The Lure. Martyna admits she shares many similarities with Aleksandra: "She worships her cat and paints the most uneasy and impossible to forget surreal portraits. She is the one!"

Like Waliszewska, the Polish tattoo artist is mainly a painter in love with the human body, who decided she wants to leave her mark on people enjoying her work. Her art is about spontaneity and she gives complete freedom to her creative mind. She explains:

"I simply make illustrations I could sell on canvas and try to transfer it properly on skin. I don't have an artistic direction as, if I had one, I would just start overthinking the piece I just did."

The psychedelic designs of Martyna are guided by her moods and emotions she's experiencing at the moment, her semi-abstract aesthetic alludes both to childhood, fantasy and pop culture. As a tattoo artist, Martyna prefers a laid-back philosophy: "It’s just me, ink and the skin." However, she admits that getting inked is a deeply emotional experience coming partly from our subconscious. She tells Konbini:

"The fact that people are choosing me or any other tattoo artist tells a lot about their psychology. I think it is the same issue with people buying paintings for their houses. The difference is that their body is the place they pick to show them."

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