Masters Of Ink: Geometric Tattoos By Okan Uckun Merge Science And Art

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Recently, tattoo artist Okan Uckun has moved from Turkey to New York City, in order to work at the famous Bang Bang studio. Coveted all around the world, Ockun  has been named the best tattoo artist of 2015 by world record-breaking annual tattoo convention, Tattoo Jam. Yet, according to him, it is not what makes him proudest:

"My biggest achievement is to be married to the smartest and the most beautiful woman on earth. Her role has been as effective as mine in my career. I am inspired by her in all fields of my life."

This architect by training started tattooing seven years ago. In 2013, after studying tattoo techniques as well as human skin, Okan directed his work toward the minimalistic and geometric-based designs he’s now famous for.

But the Turkish artist doesn’t limit himself to art and ink – he explores many complementary disciplines, such as philosophy and science. Indeed, his geometric tattoos can include movement of planets or cryptography. He tells Konbini:

"For me, geometry comes from the source of life. The Cosmos' work on chaotic mathematics and geometry is the visual form of this.

What I believe is that mathematics will be the only common language between humans and life forms from the outside the world."

While he has many reasons to celebrate his success, Okan is especially enthusiastic to be a part of the art movement that is tattooing. He explains: "If I had to be born again, I would definitely be a tattoo artist too! Current tattoo art includes all artistic movements from the past and is constantly evolving. Each day, we are bringing more beautiful things to counter negativity."

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