Kim Kardashian Is Under Fire Again For Imitating Jackie Kennedy

Kanye West has just announced his desire to run for president again. And on a similar note, Kim Kardashian has just appeared in Interview Magazine dressed up as the timeless Americon icon, Jackie Kennedy.

The cover story and editorial are a carefully crafted publicity stunt that has provided plenty of fodder for controversy.  

For one thing, Kim K. is being accused of appropriating black culture by tinting her skin a few shades darker. And the magazine is falling under fire for comparing her to a great lady like Jackie O.

But one thing is certain – Kim knows exactly how to maintain the Kardashian-West mythos, portraying a life that's evermore inaccessible to us poor common folk. 

In the photos shot by Steven Klein, Kim is accompanied by her perfectly dressed four-year-old daughter, North West. And of course, this isn't the first time Kim K. has broken the internet. The legendary cover shoot for Paper by Jean-Paul Goude, featuring a festive and partially nude Kim, had people crying scandal as well in 2014.

Cover photos for Paper magazine, shot by Jean-Paul Goude.

Pose like Jackie

The photos in Interview Magazine feature Kim Kardashian in classic suits, with a string of pearls around her neck, satin gloves and Jackie Kennedy's classic tousled bouffant hairdo. The resemblance is striking, like a (somewhat less classy) Jackie walking around the White House.

The interview accompanying the photoshoot presents Kim as a "normal" American mother who wakes up at 6am every morning, exercises and makes breakfast for her family.

Kim also shares some of her concerns at the moment: whether to bring North into her reality TV show (Keeping Up with the Kardashians), or to protect her daughter's private life, which seems a bit paradoxical considering she's included in the photoshoot and her image is plastered all over Instagram.

She also says she feels that she is constantly underestimated, that people are constantly telling her she has no talent and that she has no right to be famous (she's even dared to use the hashtag #notbadforagirlwithnotalent). 

The article concludes with the journalist blurting out that she's the epitome of the American dream. Even though she tries to remain accessible by presenting her daily life as a mother on social media, Kim Kardashian remains as bewildering as a mythical creature.

We feel like we know her, and yet she is full of mystery and ultimately out of reach. So in that sense, she really is similar to Jackie Kennedy, the beautiful and courageous mother who always kept an air of mystery.


Behind the scenes 

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