Watch Killer Whales Live With New Webcam Platform

Settled on the isolated island of Hanson, about six hours north of Vancouver, one researcher by the name of Paul Spong lives at one with a pod of killer whales.

Today, the founder of land-based whale research station OrcaLab, Spong has decided to share his passion for the vulnerable species with the world through a new web platform allowing us to see the whales in their natural habitat. 

Using a network of hydrophones and cameras, the platform records the killer whale families roaming in the bay in order to better study the mammals. Even better, we can watch the mammals in their natural setting without the cruelty and mistreatment of places like Seaworld. 

You can even sign up to receive live updates of the whales' movements.

Set up by, you can catch the show via Orca Live Community's YouTube channel and a live radio broadcast.

As the founder of Charlie Annenberg explains, the initiative was set up to promote a sense of empathy for the whales. He says:

"When people are inspired to fall in love with the world again, they are more likely to be better stewards of the planet." 

You can check out more about the project here and tune in to the live show right here.