Words, Glitter And Women: Check Out Kelly Maker's Glamorous Collages

Self-taught artist and photographer Kelly Maker gets her inspiration from fashion magazines, re-appropriating images that she mixes up and reshapes. The likes of the Hadid sisters, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez are cut out and pasted into another universe.

On her website, she explains that her aim is to help "understanding that the model is both a work of art and merely human, waiting to be dressed up or dressed down, understood or confused through the lens of the camera."

We quickly see that Kelly Maker, what with living in surf country, Australia, is attracted by adverts for swimsuits, which feature predominantly in her work.

She alternates digital manipulation and hands-on techniques to create  her collages. Her creative constructs associate the bodies and faces of famous women with text from books or encyclopedias, glitter or flowers. This juxtaposition brings a new shape and a new identity to the images: they are changed from simple adverts to works of art.

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