This Photographer Snaps Gorgeous Portraits In The Most Unlikely Locations


To most people, a retail store might not sound like the best location for a personalized photo shoot, but Montana-based photographer Jenna Martin isn't most people.

Martin, who already shoots in a pretty wild and untamable location, ie. under the water, has chosen to push her limits even further and, instead of searching for the usual beautiful spot for her next photo shoot, she set out for the exact opposite: "I wanted to go somewhere 'ugly' by all conventional photography standards," Jenna writes on her blog.

"The point was to challenge ourselves. I wanted somewhere with horrible lighting and limited backdrops. Somewhere that made absolutely no sense for a photoshoot. Our local Lowe’s Home Improvement Store hit all those points."

Yes, you read that right, Martin and her model Rachelle Kathleen set out to their local Lowe's to snap some portraits, and the results are, frankly, shockingly gorgeous. The below shots were taken at the store's paint and lighting sections.

Before shooting though, Martin set herself some ground rules. As mentioned on her blog, the photographer and model agreed they'll work with whatever they have and not use any artificial lighting or props. Another rule was to leave the displays as they are, and, also, to not shoot while any other customers are around.

After playing around in the paint and lighting sections, Jenna and Rachelle set out for one of the least coveted shooting spots in the store – the warehouse aisles.

"Photographically speaking, they were awful. Horrible lighting, lots of plastic surfaces, really nothing that would be considered aesthetically pleasing, but that was the point."

The couple also took some photographs in a car shop crammed with tires and other gear, and once again, the shots are beautiful to look at. You can even forget there's a forklift lingering in the background. Follow Jenna Martin on Instagram for more "ugly places, pretty photos."