InstaWeek #12: Life In Color With Painter And Designer Kindah Khalidy

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Meet Kindah Khalidy, owner of possibly the most colorful Instagram account we've ever seen ...

A photo posted by KiNDAH (@kindahkhalidy) on

A photo posted by KiNDAH (@kindahkhalidy) on

A photo posted by KiNDAH (@kindahkhalidy) on

A photo posted by KiNDAH (@kindahkhalidy) on

Ever wondered what would a collaborative piece between Jackson Pollock and Yayoi Kusama look like? We can't shake the feeling that it would be something very close to what Kindah Khalidy creates in her studio. Get to know her and her colorful designs in an interview below:

Konbini: Hi there, Kindah! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Kindah: Hi, I’m Kindah – painter and textile designer based in San Francisco, CA.

What is the main subject of your work?

My work is driven by color. I’m a color fanatic. I love creating different color relationships and playing around with shapes.

What is your first memory of something beautiful?

My dad collected hand knotted Persian rugs while I was growing up, and he would display them all throughout the house. Sometimes a few would be layered and overlap. The colors were so vivid for their age, and the patterns are always inspiring.


(Photo: Kindah Khalidy)

What is a good habit to have in order to stay creative?

Personally, I have to push through creative blocks all the time. I used to let weeks go by when I didn’t feel like making something, but now I try to make something every day, whether it’s painting or bedazzling fabrics in sequins.

What three creatives do you admire?

I stumbled upon Rachel Hayes’ work on Instagram – the scale of her work is unbelievable!
Ampersand is the cutest flower shop down the street from my studio with inspiring owners; you can build your own bouquet and it feels like being in a candy store. Ellen van Dusen of Dusen Dusen is ripping at fashion, home goods, you name it.


Swing and Sway. (Photo: Rachel Hayes)

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Animal style fries (in case you haven’t been to In-N-Out, there are no actual animals involved).

If a genie was about to grant you three wishes, what would they be?

One – world peace and an end to all hunger, obvi. Two – infinite supply of paint. Three – a very large art studio with natural light, ready for move in.

Your creative process in a GIF:

(GIF: Kindah Khalidy)

Check out more of Kindah's work below and be sure to follow her on Instagram:

A photo posted by KiNDAH (@kindahkhalidy) on

A photo posted by KiNDAH (@kindahkhalidy) on

A photo posted by KiNDAH (@kindahkhalidy) on

A photo posted by KiNDAH (@kindahkhalidy) on

A photo posted by KiNDAH (@kindahkhalidy) on

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