Paying Homage To The Late Daredevil Photographer Christopher Serrano

It was announced last week that New York-based photographer Christopher Serrano has passed away. The young Instagrammer had over 100,000 followers and was an expert in urban exploration, aka urbex.

At just 25 years old, Serrano fell to his death as he attempted to climb onto the roof of an F line train as it passed through Brooklyn in order to take photos with a friend at 5AM on October 5.

According to reports, Serrano was hit by a train going full speed in the opposite direction as he was trying to climb onto the roof. A toxicological report came back positive following Serrano's death, meaning he was under the influence of drugs as he put his life in danger. His body was found between the two trains at 5.12AM at the 4th Avenue/9th Street station in Gowanus.

Known to Instagram as @heavy_minds, Serrano shared vertigo-inducing photos inspired by the city. He was used to climbing to the top of bridges and skyscrapers, to places often banned from the general public, in order to capture unique viewpoints.

To pay homage to his work, here is a selection of photos that display the young man's true talent.

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