Photo Of A Girl Scout Confronting A Far-Right Extremist Is Going Viral

With populist nationalism and xenophobia sweeping the world, it has never been more urgent for the left to stand up, speak up and fight back. This fearless friction is captured perfectly in a new photo showing a young Girl Scout in a face-off with a member of an extreme far-right group in the Czech Republic.

Taken by photographer Vladimír Čičmanec, the photo has quickly become a symbol of resistance, being shared hundreds of thousands of times around the world during this time of division.

(Photo: Facebook/Vladimír Čičmanec)

(Photo: Facebook/Vladimír Čičmanec)

The image shows the young teen face-on with a grown man during a counter-protest to a neo-Nazi rally led by the country's Workers’ Social Justice Party in the Czech city of Brno on May 1.

In the photo, the girl stares directly at the man with her mouth slightly smiling, while he speaks to her. A bubble shrouds the girl's face. The man hides behind sunglasses.

The fearless girl is believed to be called Lucie Myslíková.

Drawing comparisons to the stunning image of Brummie Saffiyah Khan fighting off the English Defence League's leader, the photo is being heralded as an impressive representation of defiance. "She's 16-years-old and she stood proud and made some profound arguments," the photographer told CNN.

"We wanted to show the neo-Nazis that they are not welcome here. This year the counter protest was to make fun of and to troll the Nazis.

She tried to explain to him that nationalism makes no sense because we are all people and should not be treated differently based on some arbitrary distinctions."

Communications and community impact director of the Czech Scouts and Guides, Petr Vaněk, told the Daily Dot:

"We are happy to see this kind of action from young people in scouting since it shows scouts’ appreciation of respect of diversity and peaceful cooperation and at the same time the condemnation of hatred.

We believe this picture belongs to some of the best demonstrations of what role scouting plays in the life of a young person, leading them to not only be better people, but empowering them to stand up to protect the values scouting is based on around the world."

More than 5,000 people have reacted to Čičmanec’s photo on Facebook, while the image has gone viral on Reddit and Twitter.

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