These GIFs Are Bringing Ancient Ruins Back To Their Former Glory

Ancient monuments are like gates to the past, giving us markers of time and allowing us to visualize how former civilizations lived. Charged with history, each one has fascinated historians, archaeologists and travelers for generations.

Of course, most of the architectural wonders of the world are in ruins meaning visitors have to use a lot of imagination to get an idea of the place as it was originally built. Luckily, this process should now be a whole lot easier with these GIFs which have recreated pyramids, forts and temples from around the world.

Parthenon, Greece. (via This Is Render)

Created by travel agencies Expedia, NeoMam Studios in collaboration with Maja Wronska and Przemek Sobiecki from This Is Render, the GIFs have resurrected the ruins using animations and 3D imagery, making facades, roof and columns emerge before our very eyes. Visit the Temple of Luxor, the Pyramid of the Sun, the Parthenon and more just below. 

The Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico. (via This Is Render)

Area sacra di largo argentina, Temple B, Italy. (via This Is Render)

Nohoch Mul Pyramid, Cobá, Mexico. (via This Is Render)

Luxor Temple, Egypt. (via This Is Render)

Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus, Italy. (via This Is Render)

Hadrian's Wall, England. (via This Is Render)

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