These Photographers Got $10,000 Each To Capture Marginalized Communities

For three years in a row, Getty Images together with Instagram have been handing out solid cash prizes to photographers from all over the world to spotlight groups of people that might otherwise be outlawed from the mainstream media. Under Getty's Instagram Grant, a number of talented photographers are given $10,000 each to "document stories from underrepresented communities around the world."

"We recognize that Instagram has introduced new opportunities for emerging voices, outside the mainstream media, to create and share projects of social importance. This grant provides financial support and mentorship to amplify their impact."

The winners also get the opportunity to exhibit their work in Getty's London gallery, as well as professional mentorship from the organization's photographers.

This year, the grant has been handed to the following three: Indian photographer Saumya Khandelwal, who captured the reality of child brides in India, US-based Isadora Kosofsky, who focused on telling the stories of incarcerated youth, and Nina Robinson, whose project Arkansas Family Album documents the lives of African-American families in the rural community.

Take a look at some of their photographs below and be sure to follow these artists on Instagram to get a better understanding of their chosen subjects.