Artists Are Painting The World's Longest Mural On US-Mexico Border


Enrique Chiu is a Mexican-born, Califoria-based artist pushing the boundaries on social commentary and physical art. Aside from his personal work, he's offering his services to the community at large by painting the world's largest mural on the US–Mexico border. 

As a sign of solidarity, spreading peace and unity between the border wall, Chiu is leading the effort of beautifying the border. His mission began in early 2017 as a personal beautification project in his home of Tijuana. "The wall is rusty and dirty," Chiu told artnet. "They never do maintenance. I wanted to beautify it to give something back to the community."

(Photo: Roberto Arce)

As the year progressed, and the effects of the Trump administration's bias towards Mexicans became more obvious, American and Mexican artists have joined together to paint a two-mile-long mural on the border to signify unity.

This December, Chiu launched The Mural of Brotherhood, enlisting over 2,600 volunteers to paint positive messages of solidarity and hope on the Mexico-facing side of the U.S.-owned fence.

The mural will stretch beyond Tijuana and extend into Tecate, Mexicali, Ciudad Juarez, Naco and Reynosa. Chiu and the team have set a goal of topping the current Guinness World Record for the world's longest mural, which currently exists at the Pueblo Levee in Colorado and measures two miles long and 58 feet tall. 

Chiu himself crossed the border along with his mother at the age of 8 and lived in LA for a year without a legal status. After moving to Tijuana for ten years before making his way to Long Beach, Chiu became a vital component in the city’s burgeoning art scene.

He explained to inhabitat that the mural is for "all those people who are looking for a better life. Who take enormous risks. Or those have been deported and are separated from their families."

(Photo: Enrique Chiu)

(Photo: Roberto Arce)

(Photo: Enrique Chiu)

(Artist Enrique Chiu | Photo: Courtesy of the artist)