In Photos: Rap Legends Of The 90s Through The Last Two Decades

Throughout his career, Eddie Otchere has photographed some of the greatest. His Instagram account is filled with numerous rap and hip-hop legends, and Otchere is primarily known for his images from the 1990s.

Once he got his diploma from the London College of Printing, Otchere literally never set down his camera, notes an article in Be Street. As a huge fan of film photography, he often captions his photographs with #filmsnotdead. Otchere also has his own dark room where he develops his own images.

Through his work, Otchere tells the story of a generation. His images have an air of authenticity and candor that we don't seem to see very often these days.

For example, while we appreciate the glorious scenography of a pregnant Beyoncé looking like a Botticellian Venus, the freshness of Otchere's portraits is just as enjoyable. He seems to be able to capture real moments in the lives of the greatest hip-hop stars in the world.

The photographer of a generation

From Wu-Tang to Stevie Wonder, Jay Z, Biggie, Estelle, Marcus Miller, Aaliyah and Sampha, Otchere keeps busy. His photographs have been exhibited all over the world and he has taken the cover photos for countless rap albums.

As a witness to another time, Otchere had the opportunity to memorialize the legends that built hip-hop from what it was in the 1990s to today. His portraits of the Wu-Tang Clan in their most prolific years are especially iconic, as they were such a huge influence on the rap scene.

As a self-described big hip-hop fan, Otchere says he fell in love with his rusty image of Wu-Tang. His collection of portraits The Icons of Wu-Tang pays tribute to the group.

Ever the artist, Otchere announced at a 2016 exhibit dedicated to the group: "the digital files will be destroyed on March 9, the anniversary of Biggie's death, and will never be reproduced, which makes the portraits of The Icons of Wu-Tang limited editions."

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