'Dronestagram' Shares 20 Most Stunning Aerial Shots Of 2017

Dronestagr.am is a site that allows drone users to come forward with their best sky-high photography. Boasting a solid community sharing thousands of shots daily, the folks behind the platform gather an annual round-up of the most impressive photos to grace the past twelve months.

Becoming a real discipline in its own right, with different rules and techniques, drone photography is rapidly developing. Drone pilots are gaining more and more experience and the technology itself is constantly evolving, resulting in ever-more spectacular photos. 

Contrary to former editions, which put the focus on landscapes, 2017's selection also features animals and humans interacting with the environment – giving way to a few unexpected meetings. From Russia to Miami, passing by Vietnam, set off on an aerial tour of the globe just below.  

 (Photo: Florian Ledoux)

(Photo: Tahitiflyshoot)

(Photo: Alexey Goncharov)

(Photo: Calin Stan)

(Photo: Helios1412)

(Photo: Bachirm)

(Photo: Helios1412)

(Photo: Jcourtial)

 (Photo: JustenSoule)

(Photo: Seksan Saowarod)

(Photo: LukeMaximoBell)

(Photo: Tominspires)

(Photo: Raf Willems)

(Photo: Valentin Valkov)

(Photo: Milo Allerton)

 (Photo: Yannick68)

(Photo: DroneFilmsProject)

(Photo: Smakadron)

(Photo: Vaidas)

(Photo: Yannick68)