Concept Of The Week: Wacky Animal-Inspired Table That Bends To Your Imagination

Czech artist Vendulka Prchalová wows us with such a mundane object as a flower table reimagined through the concept of animal motion.

She calls it Locomotion an interpretation "of a megalomaniacal game titled 'How would a table look like if it should run like a mantis or a horse?'"

Looking like one of those wooden puppet dolls used in art shaped through a more raw and wilder approach, Locomotion breaks the mold completely to cater to the customers' wishes and whacky imagination.

Distortion and deformation are pillar concepts in Prchalová works, who studied Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. As such, you can manipulate the table as you please.

Locomotion Table

(Photo: Vendulka Prchalová)

Locomotion 6

(Photo: Vendulka Prchalová )

Locomotion 3

(Photo: Vendulka Prchalová )

Locomotion 5

(Photo: Vendulka Prchalová)

Locomotion 7

(Photo: Vendulka Prchalová)

Visually, it's a show stopper no doubt – and it sort of reminds me of that scene in Disney's Beauty and the Beast when all the furniture come alive... Anyhow, in terms of functionality, it can be costumed made to the clients animal of choice and measurements.

The maple wood table is designed as a flower holder, so it includes four vases inserted into holes in the tabletop. The legs are detachable for transportation – or aesthetics–, and you can get this statement piece for around $4385 (ouch!) bucks right here.

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