South African Artist Creates Pop Culture-Inspired Embroidery That Oozes With Color

As the popular and, tbh, hackneyed phrase claims, snitches get stitches. But looking at South African embroidery master Danielle Clough's stitchwork, you might catch yourself wanting to snitch like never before.

Clough, born and raised in Cape Town, has always been interested in visual arts, so after finishing her studies in graphic design, she embarked on an adventurous creative path that included music, street culture, VJing, photography, etc.

Under the name of Fiance Knowles, Clough has rocked many festival stages, but the passion for "thing making" has always led her back home, and, most recently, to a desk piled with colorful yarn and embroidery hoops.

Although she only learned how to embroider three years ago, Clough has already stunned the world with her unbelievably vibrant, often pop culture-inspired creations. She's done portraits of Bill Murray, Jean-Michel Basquiat, The Dude from The Big Lebowski, and others.

One of Clough's most recent series is called Queer Africa and features miniature portraits embroidered from photos that she has taken for the cover of Queer Africa 2.

As all of her works, these portraits are composed of a variety of lush, brightly colored yarn making every stitch look like a brush stroke on canvas. Despite being small in size, Danielle's works always boast an incredible amount of detail – to a point where it's hard to believe they are made using needle and thread.

Check out more of Danielle's work below and be sure to pay a visit to her online store:

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