10 Greatest Artist X Sneaker Collaborations In The History Of Fashion

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Wearing sportswear shoes is getting cooler than ever. Athleisure becomes not only an acceptable tendency but also a daily chic trend. But can footwear become ART, though?

Sneakers don't have to be just like plain white Stan Smiths, but there is also some great space for colorful alternatives which enable you to feel cooler. In doing so, your favorite sneakers can feel like a canvas.

Contemporary artists such as KAWS, Damien Hirst or Takashi Murakami have collaborated with shoe companies decorating unusual compositions. From low top scratch sneakers to casual slip ons, here is a list of 10 collaborations that will satisfy your thirst for some artsy sneakers.

▎1. Keith Haring x Reebok

If sometimes you feel not just a regular sneaker lover but rather a hunter for an artistic extravaganza, that's the shoe you are looking for. Keith Harring, besides being very busy while producing some great contemporary art, has teamed up with Reebok designing an especially fanciful and sophisticated cartoon imagery shoe silhouette for the anti-drug campaign "Crack is Wack."

Keith Haring x Reebok_2_sneakers_theartgorgeous

(Source: NiceKicks)

▎2. Damien Hirst x Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

Taking inspiration from the "All You Need Is Love" painting, the famous British artist offered an exclusive Chuck Taylor All-Star shoe design for Converse. This particular print was made in red color with yellow and blue butterflies.

The original artwork “All You Need Is Love” was sold in 2008 at the Sotheby's auction for $2,420,000 which was fully donated to the Global Fund that supports the fight to eliminate AIDS in Africa. This shoe design is also an important effort to generate funds for the campaign.

Damien Hirst x Converse_sneakers_theartgorgeous

(Source: Hypebeast)

▎3. Takashi Murakami x Vans

The famous Japanese artist created a limited edition of sneakers incorporating his anime imagery. The collection highlights two significant motifs of his work; both the smiling flower and the skull patterns mirror in the shoe design his characteristic “Superflat” style, which mixes anime, pop culture and otaku elements in a wide range of colors, prints and shapes.

Takashi Murakami x Vans_sneakers_theartgorgeous

(Source: Kicksonfire)

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▎4. Tom Sachs x Nike

Art meets technology. The NikeCraft Tom Sachs Mars Yard Shoe is set to be an appealing sneaker's design reminiscent of NASA's exploration of Mars. The shoe's aerodynamic model combine scientific guidelines along with the artist's aesthetics designed to walk hostile uneven terrains. Would you like to replicate an imaginative trip to space? Tom Sachs made it for you then!

Tom Sachs x Nike_sneakers_theartgorgeous

(Source: Tom Sachs)

▎5. Korakrit Arunanondchai x Electrolites

Korakrit's artistic style is renowned for its cultural interplay between colourful abstract shapes, Japanese pop culture and Buddhist elements. Do you love wearing a truly unique pair of sneakers with an art mingled background and character? Excellent choice! This step-responsive LED lights design is absolutely swinging for your crazy night out.

Korakrit Arunanondchai x Electrolites_sneakers_theartgorgeous

(Source: Electrolitesfootwear)

▎6. Jean-Michel Basquiat x Reebok

Inspired by the pioneering Neo-Expressionist iconography of Basquiat, Reebok decided to refresh in 2013 the Chi-Kaze's silhouette using the artist's bold messages in vivid colours as well as graffiti scrawl style prints. If you are Basquiat's big fan, you should certainly wear them!

Jean Michel Basquiat x Reebok_sneakers_theartgorgeous

(Source: Visioninvisible)

▎7. Andy Warhol x Converse

What is the first thing you that crosses your mind when seeing someone walking down the street with a Campbell's Soup can print on Chuck Taylor All Star? A devoted believer to the American pop culture of course!

Andy Warhol x Converse_sneakers_theartgorgeous

(Source: Hyperallergic)

Converse has created a unique series of these popular sneakers celebrating Warhol's distinctive patterns and offering an affordable solution to get closer to your iconic legend. And Hong Kong's CLOT chose to go bananas for a second Converse x Warhol collab for the Year of The Monkey…

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▎8. KAWS x Vans "The Simpsons"

The New York-based artist Brian Donelly, or professionally known as KAWS, collaborated with Vans creating a shoe collection inspired by KAWS’ remarkable art. Celebrating the launch of the Simpsons Movie, Vans created a series of sneakers showing the cartoon characters on a white fabric, along with KAWS’ signature XX, which is usually used on his Mega sculptures, but this time is integrated into the shoe design.

KAWS x Vans_The Simpsons_sneakers_theartgorgeous

(Source: Heatclub, Exploregram)

▎9. José Parlá x Converse

One of the latest art versions of the famous Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers is by the Brooklyn-based artist Jose Parla. Widely known for his abstract paintings, he designed a shoe line that reflects an elegantly urban attitude with some light abstract tints on fabric. It is an ideal way to be a fashionable art professional in the city.

Jose Parla x Converse_sneakers_theartgorgeous

(Source: Freshnessmag)

▎10. GucciGhost x Gucci

Sport sneaker brands do not excite you with their style? If you are looking for something fresh straight from the 2016 fashion runway, the leading fashion house Gucci offers you a street-inspired slip-on sneaker print which won't let your appetite down for posh adventures.

GucciGost x Gucci_2_sneakers_theartgorgeous

(Source: Gucci)

The NYC-based graffiti artist GucciGhost, better known as Trouble Andrew, designed Gucci's iconic double G logo with a stylized sprayed graffiti tag. This pair of shoes will definitely make you feel sporty, arty and posh!

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