These Colorful Arrangements Are Soothing Our Inner Neat Freak


Proving that anything can be art if you have a bit of creative flair, self-described "object arranger" Adam Hillman has found his niche in creating obsessively organized patterns out of everyday items.

Known as Witenry on Instagram, the creative forms his meticulous arrangements by first classing his objects by color and shape, and then playing around with perspective and geometry to form different designs. 

His materials of choice? Pencils, straws, cotton buds, chewing gum and basically anything else he can get his hands on. Armed with seemingly limitless patience, the artist also dabbles in food art with some of his most impressive work based around bits of fruit, veg and even Fruit Loops. 

Once everything's in place, the artist simply takes a photo of the visually soothing patterns with his phone and posts them to Instagram. You can buy your own meticulously arranged print right here