Check Out This Underwater Photo Shoot From The 1930s

Who would have thought that these photos were 80 years old? Underwater, the body's relationship with gravity is transformed and everything feels lighter. Unsurprising then, that a number of photographers have decided to use this watery backdrop for their images, allowing them to experiment with their creativity.

Taking photos underwater today is relatively simple, there are numerous waterproof cases that are relatively cheap and readily available. However in 1938 for photographer Bruce Mozert the process was much more difficult.

Whilst working as official photographer for the coastal town of Silver Springs in Florida, USA, known for its crystal clear waters, Mozert came up with a homemade waterproof casing for his camera, allowing him to shoot underwater.

Technical and artistic prowess

Beyond the technical feat that Mozert accomplished, he also displays a real talent for composition. Over the years the photographer produced multiple images featuring pin-up girls totally submerged. The women are featured reading newspapers, or on the phone. The photos are tender and humorous.

Mozet had to be inventive when coming up with props. In order to make the bubbles in a champagne flute, he would stick dry ice to the bottom of glasses. To recreate the smoke from a grill he would pour milk into the water. Such inventiveness shows a man ahead of his time and proves that modernity has nothing to do with the timeframe.

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