Charlie Brooker Worries About How Often 'Black Mirror' Predicts Real Life

Black Mirror has foreshadowed a bunch of real-world events, from drone bees and social media ratings to cartoonish presidents and pig-fucking world leaders.

Its ability to predict the future has become such a trope, many people think historians will be able to look back on the series as a documentary film outlining the downfall of humanity.

But despite popular belief, creator Charlie Brooker bases none of the narratives on research and - quite frankly - finds it "weird" how many real events his dystopian show has predicted.

Black Mirror Season 3, Nosedive (Image: Netflix)

In an interview with the Press Association, the English satirist and writer claims he does not look at the news for story ideas but was aware he has inadvertently forecast real-life developments.

"What we don't tend to do is sit down, look at the newspaper and go: 'Right, what's the Black Mirror take on the refugee crisis or this new gizmo that has come out from Apple?'," he said, "I think the ideas tend to come out of unpleasant but darkly amusing 'what if' scenarios."

"Having said all of that, we do seem to have a weird track record for predicting things that then come true. So maybe that's why we don't bother looking at the news so much," Brooker admits.

Asked he was worried other episodes he has written may come true, he said: "It's interesting because in previous seasons we've had a story about bee drones."

"We didn't realise that's [already] a thing, or it certainly is now," he explains, "there was that thing about an AI box that is based on your social media presence, that's a thing now."

"So basically if anything from season 4 comes true, we are all in trouble."

Black Mirror producer Annabel Jones thinks if there is ever a theme, it tends to be the story, and all the details about the world around it just add resonance.

"So you don't try and predict what is going to be five years in the future, it's more 'How am I feeling about this?' And 'What am I worried about?' It's more innate, more organic," she said.

"But I would say in season four, there is a range of tone across the season," she adds, "and there are some that are quite upbeat, quite positive and some which are fun, like a romp."

Series four of Black Mirror is released on Netflix on December 29.

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