Photographer Is Suing Bruno Mars For Posting One Of Her Pictures Online

On June 21, Bruno Mars shared a photo of himself as a kid online. This throwback might cost him dearly though, as the photographer who took the picture, Catherine McGann, is now taking him to court.

This picture was taken in 1989 and shows a four-year-old Bruno Mars. His Elvis impersonations were so cute at the time that he was nicknamed the "Elvis Kid."

Twenty-eight years later, he shared the snap on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, without the American photographer's permission. He said he was too impatient a guy to play the #ThrowbackThursday game and preferred going full #WayBackWednesday instead.

The photo was an instant hit, collecting 1.2 million likes on Facebook.

It is worth mentioning, though, that the singer neglected to credit the artist or even ask her whether he could actually use the image. Moreover, these social media sites are not that clear on copyright issues and prefer discharging this particular responsibility onto the actual members.

TMZ reports that Catherine McGann, known for her portraits of the New York art scene, was pretty shocked to see it so widely shared on the global artist's accounts. She then took the decision of taking both him and record label Warner Music to court. She's asking for compensation for loss of earnings proportional to the image's success.

As of today, Bruno Mars hasn't yet taken the picture off his accounts and honestly, should he? It is a picture of himself after all!

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