Beyoncé Poses As Underwater Nymph And Botticellian Venus In Maternity Photo Shoot

Oh, Beyoncé, you sly minx... After dropping the news about her pregnancy with a single Instagram shot yesterday, and, consequently, sending social media into a complete turmoil, the singer returns with an even more internet-breaking piece of content – a full-blown maternity photo shoot!

Beyoncé, who is allegedly pregnant with twins, updated her website turning it into an infinite-scroll odyssey through her maternal bliss.

Packed with outtakes from her pregnancy photo shoot, the website also features images of Queen Bey's mother and grandmother, husband Jay Z, and herself while she was carrying the couple's first child, Blue Ivy. All of it is unified under one simple statement – "I HAVE THREE HEARTS."

The statement is actually a poem written by Warsan Shire, a Somali-British poet whose lines were also featured on Bey's latest album, "Lemonade."




"mother is a cocoon where
cells spark, limbs form, mother
swells and stretches to protect her
child, mother has one foot in this world
and one foot in the next
mother, black venus"


(via Beyonce)


As ARTNews report, the photo shoot was carried out by Bronx-raised, Los Angeles-based artist Awol Erizku, although the claims have not been 100% confirmed yet. Erizku has previously worked with rapper A$AP Rocky before, and has photographer actress Viola Davis for The New Yorker.

For Beyoncé's photo shoot, both artists went with a dreamy goddess-like image. Despite posing in multiple sets – from kneeling in front of a colorful bouquet with her face hidden under a light green veil to laying on a bed of flowers – the singer channels her inner Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, fertility and prosperity.

The aesthetic of Beyoncé's portraits alludes to Renaissance paintings by Sandro Botticelli, Titian, Giorgione, and others that usually picture Venus laying on a bed, in nude, surrounded by colorful drapes.





Another set of photos see Beyoncé under water, donning nothing but loosely fitted silk wrap, with her hair let go all the way – an image mostly associated with mermaids, underwater nymphs, sirens, mythological creatures lured sailors into death with their enchanting voices.

The silk wrap is yellow, possibly referencing the African goddess of water Oshun, who was a major inspiration for Beyoncé's "Hold Up" music video.

Head over to Beyoncé's website to see the rest of her dreamy maternity shots, as well as to read more of Warsan's fempowering poems.







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