Bam Margera's Return To Skateboarding Is The Positive News We Needed

Bam Margera was the reason skateboarding attracted mass appeal in the early 00s.

His unfathomable wealth, that one 411VM part and his reckless antics in Jackass, CKY and Viva La Bam made the sport desirable – with Element boards and 'heartagram' tattoos everywhere.

But somewhere down the line, the American ace got "caught up with the fame" and sustained some serious injuries.

And the last we saw of our rock-and-roll savior was on a rehabilitation show where the 37-year-old broke down in tears over the death of his friend Ryan Dunn while discussing his own alcoholism.

It was a heart-breaking point that ruined a lot of our extended childhood daydreams (to be rich and famous for doing what you love, with chill-as-fuck parents).

Now, however, in a remarkable turnaround, Bam appears to be back on a skateboard following a four to five-year hiatus; and he looks happier than ever.

In an interview with Jenkem, Bam explains how he's overcome bone spurs in his feet, problems with alcohol and is now "making up for lost time".

"It was just easier to drink for a long time". he said, "sometimes drinking came in because it would help me forget... Now I’m just trying to get back in shape and keep skating and do what makes me happy".

"I was 30 pounds heavier, but now I’ve been losing it all because I’ve been skating every fucking day."

Bam purchased his first skateboard in over 20 years back in October and has since been on a road trip around Spain with one of his close friends and filmers, Winkle.

For two months, he also made a point of doing "an hour of cardio, 300 pushups and 100 situps every day" in a bid to lose weight.

And it all seems to be working out. With just a small collection of clips under his belt, Bam has already been asked to be a part of Element (again) and contribute to their 25-year-anniversary video.

"And that sounds good to me", he said, "I still have trouble with flatground though."

"I’m simply skating for the pleasure of having fun, not like going for it and trying to get fucking hammers on film."

Make sure to read the full interview on Jenkem, where he discusses Hollywood, Hawk and Ferraris.

Bam, 2017 (Photograph: Thomas Winkle via Jenkem)

Bam, 2017 (Photograph: Thomas Winkle via Jenkem)

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