Wacky Russians Turn Into Chemical Elements And Substances To Prove You Science Is Cool

Studying chemistry and physic might not be up everyone's alley, but these wacky scientists from Russia are about to make even the biggest haters reconsider.

Gathered under the name ArtNauka, these individuals describe themselves as a "team of popular science enthusiasts" and usually create TV programs, interactive shows and perform at science festivals. But with the millennial generation increasingly choosing visual information over any other type, ArtNauka decided to step up their game as well.

Their latest project Superhero From Chemistry features 10 images of actual people turned into chemical elements and substances in order to preach their fascination with everything science-related. The best part? All effects seen in these photos are real! Andrew, the guy who plays Oil, even got burnt in the making...

All of the gold on the Earth came from meteorites that bombarded the planet thousands of years ago.


(Photo: Dmitry Penkov)

ArtNauka says the idea was born when they were discussing one of their shows for which they wanted to invite superheroes and re-create their superpowers using science. Ultimately, they decided to become the superheroes themselves.

The hardest part, unexpectedly, was finding makeup artists to create different looks. Nikolay Novoselov, CEO of ArtNauka, explained to Konbini:

"They don’t know what hydrogen is, they don’t know whether it’s hard or soft, what it is used for and how to show it visually using makeup. Among Moscow’s 20 best makeup artists we could only find 4 who we could work with."

Check out the rest of the photos below:

Granite has existed since molten lava was forced into the Earth's crust at beginning of time.


(Photo: Dmitry Penkov)

Hydrogen is the Sun's fuel. Nuclear reactions in the Sun convert hydrogen into large explosions of energy.


(Photo: Dmitry Penkov)

Ice freezes from the outside-in, pushing tiny trapped air bubbles to its core.


(Photo: Dmitry Penkov)

One drop of oil makes 25 litres (6,6 gallons) of water unsafe to drink.


(Photo: Dmitry Penkov)

An entire country was named after Argentum: Argentina.


(Photo: Dmitry Penkov)

Every living thing is made of carbon, it is the building block for all life in the known universe.


(Photo: Dmitry Penkov)

Natural rubber is produced from the sap of rubber trees that grow in hot moist climates.


(Photo: Dmitry Penkov)

Liquid Nitrogen – it's as cold as the heart of your ex and just as explosive.


(Photo: Dmitry Penkov)

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