Meet The Artist Whose Drawings Fuel The Single Line Tattoo Trend


Very often, contemporary art directly inspires tattoo collectors, and the work of Niels Kiené, better known as Salventius, is no exception. The artist is famous for his portraits, created with one continuous line in a single stroke.

Already working with a variety of materials, such as acrylic markers, paint, wires and even flashlights (for lightpainting), it was only natural for Salventius to offer his art for one of the most permanent mediums – tattoos. Indeed, collectors from all over the world are buying his single line tattoo designs to wear on their skin.

But designs for one-of-a-kind ink is not the only Salventius is selling. He also gives away his heartwarming philosophy: "All is a path and an adventure. Love it, live it and only towards the end you will see the bigger picture."

The Dutch artist finds inspiration in the profile pictures of people he's connected to. After capturing the image in his mind, Salventius then reproduces it into a drawing. He tells Konbini:

"It is something that feels very natural. It comes as it goes. Spontaneity is also something that makes the quality of the portraits better, the inspiration I get from real life and online portraits is feeding the output subconsciously."

Unsurprisingly, people are recognizing themselves in his art. This personal vibe is what attracts the connected generation and tattoo artists worldwide. Single line tattoos are popular due to their meaningful concept, both to the artist and the collector.

"The end result is even more perfect than I have imagined. You know, it’s all about the saying 'in the end, everything is OK, so if it is not OK, then its not the end.'

The continuous one line technique reflects life at its best. Don’t stop until it's perfect and a mistake can turn out to be something wonderful as long as you go with the flow, and trust on your skills."

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