This Guy Applies For Jobs By Sending His Own LEGO Mini-Figure As A Resume


Applying for jobs is tough. Trying to stand out amid a sea of resumes to just get an interview is often the first and biggest hurdle, something which artist Andy Morris has managed to overcome with his creative and playful version of a resume. 

Yep, according to designboom, Andy has been sending prospective employers a bespoke LEGO mini-figure of himself. This not only combines Morris' penchant for using toys within his projects but is also a really unique way to grab an employers attention. 

While his LEGO figure holds a laptop and a resume, the back of the packaging has all of Morris' key contact information and a little bit about what would make him the perfect employee. 

Needless to say we're feeling like we might need to just off our rather basic looking resume if we're going to compete with creatives like Andy. You can check out some more of his work over at his website