Women Are Trying Out Wonder Woman's Sword Trick, And It Works!

It seems women around the world have really connected with the girl power in the hit film Wonder Woman. Some women are even trying out the Amazonian skills in the flick, like hiding a sword beneath their dresses to channel fearsome vibes.

(via Hello Giggles)

Viewers wondered if Diana's sword trick in the film was plausible in real life, so one girl set out to discover how realistic it actually was. When pressed by a friend, Eva Wei shoved a one-handed regenyei down her sheer chiffon dress, and the results were quite surprising!

As she explains in her Facebook post, Eva put the slick trick to the test and found out she could walk and even dance with the sword in her dress.

In the course of just one day, this has suddenly become a thing and women all over are putting weapons underneath their gowns and sharing the results under the hashtag #WWgotyourback on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Check out a selection of the images below for an instant dose of girl power: 

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